I'm Andrew. I was born from Irish, Norwegian and German elders. Currently, I reside in the adventurous Duluth, Minnesota and I'm a graphic designer of sorts. It's hard to get to know someone by just reading text on a page. Especially a lot of text. So if you want to know what I'm all about, look on and read on to find out more. I'll keep it short and sweet. Also enjoy the photos of me as a younger-whipper-snapper.

'Mama, I'm goin' fast!' - Ricky Bobby, Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

This definitely describes my everyday lifestyle. I'm always on the move. Not too often will you see me lounging on the couch, watching TV, playing video games, or not engaging in some sort of activity using my arms or legs. The times when I am still, I'm on the computer designing, editing, and researching. Even this I accomplish with speed and upbeat energy.

'You got like three feet of air that time.' - Napoleon, Napoleon Dynamite

Just like getting some air on skis, I like to take everything to new heights. I always try to advance my skills to the next level in all ways possible. Whether it's new skills on the computer, in life, or on skis, I always want to learn more and try harder. 

'I skateboarded off of a truck into a fire hydrant' - Luke, Out Cold

Every experience I have is what makes me. So I hardly ever regret what I do, and instead regret what I didn't do. This is why I like to try new things and expand my horizon. It could mean a new sport or activity, or design with a new style that I haven't used before. All of these new experiences help me expand my ideas and thoughts of what I already knew into what I still have yet to learn.